(1) May we use another organist or other musicians for our wedding?

The Huguenot Church Organist is the only musician approved for weddings at the Huguenot Church. Other musicians may join him, but only with his approval. For example, you may wish to have a trumpeter play the Trumpet Voluntary along with the Organist.

(2) How can our florist get into the church on the day of the wedding?

If you are using a local florist that does not have a key, the florist can arrange to deliver the flowers two hours prior to the wedding, when the Wedding Director is there, or they can arrange to pick up a key during office hours prior to the wedding. They will need to call the office two weeks in advance to arrange this. Also, if you are picking up keys for your own use, you may choose to meet the florist at the church.

(3) Do we have to give you the time of the rehearsal and wedding now, or can we call you with that information later?

You may call us with the final times later, but we do request that you let us know as soon as possible and at least within one month of booking the church.

(4) How many attendants will fit comfortably around the altar in the church?

A maximum of eight total attendants (i.e., four bridesmaids) will fit comfortably. We do not, however, limit the number of attendants that you may have.

(5) When should we return the keys?

All belongings must be removed from 44 Queen and the church immediately after the wedding. The janitor will be coming in to clean after the wedding for church and Sunday School the next day. We suggest that someone be assigned to do this that will not be in the pictures taken afterward. After belongings are removed, please return the keys to the Pastor or Wedding Director immediately. Your $25.00 deposit (your check) will be mailed to you. Please be sure to let us know where to mail your deposit.

(6) How many people may be seated in the church?

No more than 200.

(7) May we seat people in the balcony?

Only musicians, photographers and videographers may use the balcony.

(8) If I am having a small wedding, must I use the Wedding Director?

The Wedding Director is a requirement unless you will have absolutely no attendants, less than 20 guests, and no special seating arrangements are necessary.

(9) Where can we place our guest log?

Guest logs may be signed at the reception, as they are not allowed in the narthex or outside the church. Extremely long lines are the result, making seating, etc., very difficult.

(10) Can we light a unity candle?

Yes. We have the unity candlestick, but do not provide candles. You would need to bring one three-inch white candle and two two-inch white tapered candles to the rehearsal.

(11) Will you serve Holy Communion?

We will serve Communion to the couple only.

(12) What size are the altar flower vases?

At this time the church does not have appropriate wedding vases. You may choose to use your own vases or gold-toned plastic vases from the florist. Please tag the bottom of the vases with your name and phone number so that we may be sure that the proper vases are returned to you.

(13) Are there any other decorating guidelines?

Decorations may only hang from the pews and may not mark, puncture, or in any way harm the pews or church. Candle pew markers of the proper type are available at AAA Rentals if you wish to use them. The gate to the church may be decorated as well. Church furniture and fixtures may not be moved.

Rented items, such as candle pew markers, must be removed immediately after the wedding (and pictures) and placed under the stairs in the narthex. Please be sure to assign this task in advance to someone that will not be in the pictures taken afterward. If rental items are used and will not be picked up immediately after the wedding, please schedule a pickup time with the church office at least two weeks in advance.

(14) What can be thrown inside or outside the church as the couple leaves?

The flower girl may throw rose or flower petals inside the church. Flower petals or bubbles may be used outside. Rice and birdseed are not allowed due to the danger of someone slipping and falling.

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